Discover the untapped potential for rapid organic traffic growth

Google Search Console hides many valuable insights about your website. Buddler helps to find the most important of them — those which could bring maximum results with minimum effort.

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Follow these 4 simple steps to take control of your website’s SEO performance today

  1. Sign in to using your Google account and grant access to your Google Search Console data
  2. Launch the audit for FREE and give Buddler time to gather relevant data
  3. Evaluate the data and determine the projected growth in traffic following the implementation of the audit suggestions
  4. Improve your website’s SEO performance with our insights and recommendations

Take action now and pick the low-hanging fruits with our reports!


Prevent traffic loss by conducting in-depth analysis

  • High-volume declined keywords

    Identify queries experiencing a decline in search rankings and implement strategies to regain visibility.

  • Lost Keywords

    View queries that once drove traffic but no longer do. It is more than just a data point; it is a major issue and a chance to recover lost traffic caused by minor technical issues.

  • Unstable keywords

    Keep an eye out for queries that experience frequent ranking fluctuations and adjust your SEO strategy to keep stable positions.

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Boost performance by addressing low-text optimization queries

  1. Identify queries with poor optimization

  2. Optimize content with relevant keywords

  3. Enhance meta tags and headings

  4. Enjoy the growth!

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How does Buddler help?

No more dump reports. We suggest cleaned data and insights based on it, to get your site on top.

Business Owners

Focus the hired team’s efforts on the most promising areas. Adjust the moving direction as the project progresses.


Buddler will reveal if you miss out on tasks with high traffic growth potential.

SEO Professionals

Use Buddler to work with Google Search Console without using other analytics services. With Buddler, unlock capabilities that were previously only available to gurus who learned Python.

Digital Agencies

Conduct rapid site assessments and make traffic forecasts. Utilize the data for reporting and customer scoring.

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