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Eliminate manual Google Search Console data processing with our simple yet powerful SEO Solutions to recover lost organic traffic, and reach Google’s first page.
Buddler stands apart from traditional technical audits delivering straightforward reports packed with SEO data that truly matter.

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Master your website’s SEO in 4 steps

  1. Sign in to buddler via Google Search Console account
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  4. Improve your website’s SEO performance with our insights and recommendations

Pick the low-hanging fruits with our reports


Traffic Attrition Reports

  • High-volume declined keywords

    Identify queries experiencing a decline in search rankings and implement strategies to regain visibility.

  • Lost Keywords

    See which queries lost traffic, a crucial opportunity to regain lost visitors due to minor technical issues.

  • Unstable keywords

    Monitor queries that change often in ranking and adjust your SEO strategy to maintain stable positions.

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Easy to Rank Keywords Report

  1. Identify queries with poor optimization

  2. Optimize content with relevant keywords

  3. Enhance meta tags and headings

  4. Enjoy the growth!

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SEO CTR Benchmarks Reports

  • CTR Drop Impact

    Identifies queries with a noticeable drop in CTR with a small change in position and calculates traffic lost due to the CTR drop.

  • Below-Benchmark CTR

    Flags queries with unusually low CTR compared to the average CTR of most other queries on your site at the same position.

  • Above-Benchmark CTR on Lower Positions

    Identifies queries whose CTR is significantly higher than the average CTR of most other queries on your site at the same position.

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Who Does Buddler Help?

No more dump reports. Just Clear SEO Insights to Improve Your Search Rankings

Business Owners

Track the effectiveness of your SEO initiatives or performance of your outsourced SEO team with Buddler uncomplicating SEO reports.


Unlock capabilities previously reserved for SEO Experts. Boost ROI, identify profitable keywords, prevent traffic loss with our straightforward SEO Reports.

SEO Professionals

Unlock advanced Google Search Console capabilities that were once exclusive to Python-savvy experts, and slash analysis time by 40% with Buddler reports.

Digital Agencies

Make traffic forecasts, conduct customer scoring, and optimize your GSC analysis efficiently with out simple yet powerful SEO audits.

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