Product Analyst (Middle/Senior)

  • Remotely
  • Full-time

Whom we are looking for

  • An SEO specialist with 3 or more years of experience, adept at working with Lite and Hard segment websites.
  • Proficient in utilizing analytics in SEO to make data-driven recommendations.
  • Experienced in hypothesis generation, testing, experimentation, and research.
  • Willingness to collaborate within a product team and take responsibility for features.
  • An expert in the field who can articulate and justify decisions clearly.
  • Detail-oriented with a “zero bullshit” approach.
Desired Qualifications
  • Proficiency in GSC and GA, with strong analytical thinking skills.
  • Experience working with foreign markets and the HARD segment.
  • A product-oriented approach to work.
  • Experience in PR/journalism, SEO sales, and team management is a plus.

Global tasks

  • Generate ideas for new features and provide ongoing support.
  • Develop viable analytics for features.
  • Ensure timely delivery of analytics to production.
  • Ensure the integrity and operability of features.
  • Prepare documentation and accompanying content for feature launches.


We offer:
  • Flexible schedule: work aligned with Moscow time from 9/10 to 18/19, weekends off.
  • Salary payments made in rubles, with a future transition to currency payments.
  • Individual development plan and regular feedback from top management.
  • Referral program.

If you’re ready for a challenge and want to join our team, send us your resume! 📩

About us

We are a dynamic global SAAS company dedicated to developing a high-performing SEO analytics platform. Having successfully launched our MVP, we are now focused on expanding into the international market. 🚀

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