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Discover which keywords you can use to quickly and easily get organic traffic

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How to benefit from the report? 

  1. Find out how much organic traffic you can acquire fast and affordably for free.
  2. Find the most promising Easy to Rank Keywords to add to your website’s pages.
  3. Implement keywords into the text and tags of relevant pages.
  4. Gain organic traffic from Google for missing keywords.

What’s inside the report?

List of Easy to Rank Keywords

Keywords that you don’t use on your website but that, if you add, can immediately and affordably start bringing in organic Google traffic. The table’s keywords are arranged according to their potential for growth.

Traffic Opportunities Metrics

Uncover untapped traffic opportunities with key insights. Missed Traffic is a metric that can help to determine how much traffic you aren’t receiving but can gain by focusing on the queries from the report. KeyRel is indicates how high or low the given keyword relevance is for the overall website and single queries.
Bonus: These metrics are available at no extra cost as part of the site audit.

Unlock Your Bonus Traffic Opportunities

​​How does Buddler generate the Easy to Rank Keywords Report

We compile a list of  consistently relevant queries paired with the pages extracted from GSC for the most recent 30 days. This process involves identifying the pages that Google deems the most relevant among all those receiving traffic.

We undertake initial preparations for data collection, which contain tasks like verifying the accessibility of each relevant page and evaluating the content’s similarity to Google’s standards. Additionally, we determine the language used in both the page content and the query itself.

We collect the content from your site’s relevant pages, segment it into distinct text zones, and bring it to a normalized form, forming our own index for each page similar to Google.

We compare the query with the content of relevant pages in an accurate and normalized form by text zones separately,  calculate how optimized this or that page is for the query for which it is shown in Google, how promising it is for improvement, and how much traffic it can bring.

We delve into each group of pages to determine if any are adequately optimized for the given query. Suppose none of the relevant pages meet the required optimization standards. In that case, we compile these queries into a table, ranking them based on their potential for further development compared to other queries lacking sufficient optimization.

We measure key insights for problematic promising keywords

We create a simple and understandable table

Tasks and cases that Easy to Rank Keywords may solve

Look up trends on Google for missed semantics that can be affordably turned into organic traffic

Find insights on which requests should be prioritized working on first — this is particularly valid when you are unsure of what to hold onto

Quickly find an Easy-To-Rank Keyword for SEO growth

Discover the increased traffic you may achieve by enhancing the text optimization of your currently ranked and live pages

As an SEO or marketing expert, come up with a list of possible topics that you have never seen on your website before

Evaluate how well the site pages match the requests and determine whether any requests need more attention

Gain indirect insights into the cannibalization issue and rapidly analyze the situation at GSC page by page for promising unprocessed queries

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