SEO CTR Benchmarks Report

In-depth CTR analysis to identify problems, anomalies, and key opportunities for growing your website’s Google organic traffic

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Key benefits of this report

⭐ Preventive SEO Risk Management

Promptly identify queries where CTR starts to decline so you can take quick action, minimizing traffic and revenue loss.

⭐ Quantify Losses and Potential Gains

Calculating lost traffic helps you prioritize SEO efforts to recover and improve performance.

⭐ Identify Non-Obvious Problems

Spot queries that aren’t achieving the expected CTR and lag significantly behind your site’s averages, indicating possible issues with snippet quality or a mismatch with audience expectations. Focus on optimizing these for maximum impact.

⭐ Identify ‘Hidden Gems’

Recognize high CTR queries in lower positions, then optimize your site for them to boost your traffic and improve your rankings.

What’s inside?

This is a group of reports that segments data into various categories:

CTR Drop Impact

Identifies queries with a noticeable drop in CTR with a small change in position and calculates traffic lost due to the CTR drop.

Below-Benchmark CTR

Flags queries with unusually low CTR compared to the average CTR of most other queries on your site at the same position.

Above-Benchmark CTR on Lower Positions

Identifies queries whose CTR is significantly higher than the average CTR of most other queries on your site at the same position.

Traffic Opportunities Metrics + Average CTR by Position

Metrics highlight the volume of queries impacted by specific issues (“Queries in this report“) and estimate the potential traffic you’re missing out on (“Missed Traffic“) but could gain by addressing the queries highlighted in the report.

We also show the Average CTR by position statistic for your site queries, which is used in the Below-Benchmark CTR and Above-Benchmark CTR reports. This statistic also shows the distribution of query volume by position and in the current version covers the first 20 positions.

Dive Deep into Your Organic CTR

How does Buddler generate the SEO CTR Benchmarks Report

Collecting and filtering data

We gather query-specific data from Google Search Console for the last 30 days to analyze the current state, and for the previous 12 full months.

Then identify queries with significant traffic and analyze the data for each query and determine the most productive month for it.

Analyze CTR difference and count Missed Traffic

We calculate the Difference CTR by comparing the current CTR with the best-performing month for each query. We also calculate the missed traffic for each query — the amount of traffic the site could have received if it had the same CTR for the last 30 days as in the best month.

Calculate benchmark Average CTR by Position

For your site’s queries, we determine the Average CTR by position for the first 20 positions, i.e., the average CTR your site has when it is in the first position in the output, the second, the third, and so on up to the twentieth position. This benchmark is further used to generate Below-Benchmark CTR and Above-Benchmark CTR reports.

Dividing requests into categories to generate reports

To generate reports, we divide requests into three categories: CTR Drop Impact, Below-Benchmark CTR, and Above-Benchmark CTR. We also divide the data by country.

Result: simple and understandable table for each category

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