Traffic Attrition Reports

Discover how much organic traffic you are missing based on search query types

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Who will benefit from this reports?

Business Owners

Get a quick, top-level view of your site’s performance in Google. Learn how much organic traffic your site is missing due to declining rankings.


Identify your SEO strategy’s weaknesses by selecting the most promising topics and queries.

SEO Professionals

Improve traffic forecast with a simple and comprehensive dive into client websites. Eliminate manual GSC data processing, receiving challenging queries for your sites in one click.

Digital Agencies

Valuate clients’ website capabilities for commercial offers for your commercial proposals. Delegate complex analytics to Buddler, freeing up your team’s time for other crucial tasks.

What’s inside the reports?

The report segments data into different keyword categories

High-volume declined keywords

Queries that previously ranked higher and delivered regular traffic have recently lost positions and provide less organic traffic than before

Lost keywords

Queries that previously ranked higher than now and provided traffic on a regular basis but now don’t bring any traffic at all

Unstable keywords

Queries that are unstable while generating traffic, such as seasonal queries, but which have taken higher rankings than now

Traffic Opportunities Metrics

Uncover untapped traffic opportunities with key insights Metrics highlight the volume of queries impacted by specific issues (“Queries in this report“) and estimate the potential traffic you’re missing out (“Missed Traffic“) but could gain by addressing the queries highlighted in the report.
Bonus: These metrics are available at no extra cost as part of the site audit.

Unlock Your Bonus Traffic Opportunities

How does Buddler generate the Traffic Attrition Report

We evaluate search queries made on Google, where your site appeared in GSC over the entire period

To ensure we can track the complete history for each query, we fill in the data for each period (GSC only presents this data in charts)

We determine when the site had the best positions for each query, and then we calculate the degree of performance decline

We calculate the volume of lost traffic for every query that previously brought more than it now does

For your convenience, we display data in logical groups: High-volume declined keywords, Lost keywords, Unstable keywords

We count metrics-key insights for each group

We create a simple and understandable table for each group

What Traffic Attrition Reports help with

Identify why organic traffic is decreasing, highlighting problematic queries that have dropped in search rankings and the reasons behind the decline. This helps prioritize which ones to address first.

Identify queries where increasing traffic may be more easier, as these queries have previously generated traffic for your site

Uncover missed traffic opportunities by¬†understanding your site’s seasonal trends and¬†query instability

Measure effectiveness of queries  for creating a content plan

Analyze the historical performance of each query and compare it with the periods when your site underwent changes or optimizations

Create a one-page optimization plan with clear KPIs and traffic estimates

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