When I share about Buddler with seasoned SEO experts, they often say, “Ah, so it’s an analytical tool for deep understanding of Google Search Console data?”
Wrong answer.
Buddler is not an analytical tool. 
Buddler is a tool that does analytics, yes. But this analytics is only a way to achieve the real purpose – providing users with straightforward strategies to surge organic traffic.
Consider this: website statistics are inundated with data, and 90% of it, while interesting, doesn’t directly drive SEO success. We focus on that crucial 10% and keep the rest off your plate.
This is the inspiration behind “Buddler” – named after miners who separate gold from dirt. In the same vein, we sift through data complexity and serve up insights that bring traffic.
You do not need to get your hands dirty – our algorithms already did the work. I’m thrilled about it. Humans should create and strategize, leaving the tedious tasks to computers.
At this point, I said all that matters so you could stop reading and just try the product.

  1. Sign in with your Google account.
  2. Launch an audit (it is free; no credit card required).
  3. Wait a bit and see a brief report. 
  4. If your Search Console has enough valuable data, you will see the estimation of how much traffic you could get working with our insights. We do not promise that it will surely happen. It is only a prediction, and the result depends on many factors. Take your time; study help materials to understand how to deal with insights, and consider whether you are ready to pay for the full report. 
  5. If yes – see the insights, use them to improve your website, and share experience in our community!

A few words in conclusion.
I have been in the SEO industry since 2009. I was a webmaster, an SEO consultant, a search engine algorithm researcher, a blogger, and the head of an SEO department. Now, I am the CEO of an international affiliate marketing company that relies on SEO. Buddler, crafted initially for my use, encapsulates experiences from every role I’ve embraced. That is why Buddler could help almost everybody in SEO. 
It’s a broad positioning that even my marketing team might balk at, but if Buddler can help you draw more traffic from Google, why hold back?
Try Buddler and see for yourself!

Aleksei Trudov

Aleksei Trudov


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