Content Vitaminizer

Free SEO AI content generation and Google keyword research tool for organic traffic growth

What it is

Content Vitaminizer offers fast and free one-page Keyword Optimization with minimal user effort.

The tool will identify real user queries from GSC for your page, assess the page’s relevance to these queries, and suggest additional text containing the missing queries that you can add to the existing content on the page.

No prior training or in-depth knowledge of SEO is required.

How to benefit

Improve page visibility

Boost your traffic by focusing on the keywords Google already associates with your site. Concentrate your efforts on what works and is already yielding results.

Address missed demand

We conduct Google keyword research using your GSC data for you and find relevant queries you are not currently using. Grow your audience with new or missed queries.

Enhance content quality

After Google updates, improving your existing content becomes a top priority in SEO.

Save time and resources

Simplify the process of updating content by automating its generation and optimization for the right keywords. This significantly reduces the time spent on content marketing and SEO optimization.

Suitable for everyone, including SEO novices

Simply input the page address of your site linked to GSC into the address field and let the tool generate your optimized text.

Start getting Missed Organic Traffic from Google for free

How Content Vitaminizer Works

Collects and processes data from GSC for a given page

Conducts keyword research on Google data to find promising queries relevant to the page and its content

Collects content from the given page, performs text analysis, evaluates the one-page Keyword Optimization Score (KOS), and matches queries with content

Identify new or missing queries that Google already associates with the page and its content

To increase the one-page keyword optimization score (KOS), generates several variations of additional text based on missing queries and context

You receive ready SEO-optimized content. Test the text and add it to your existing on-page content to start getting additional organic traffic from Google for free.

Why you should definitely try Content Vitaminizer

  • Content Answers Real User Questions

  • Content Generation Based on Missing Keywords

  • Deep Contextual Insights

  • Easy Selection from Generated Options

  • Easy to Add and Embed on the Page

  • Buddler Bonus for SEOs

Frequently Asked Questions about Content Vitaminizer

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