Audit payment, rates and purchasing options

  • One-time payment for audits is implemented without the model of regular subscriptions. A separate payment for one audit does not imply the need to purchase the previous and next audits for the same site or any other. There is no card linking, no automatic charging, no additional elements of the system for which money can be charged, no variation in the price of the product.
  • After the purchase, audit results will be kept in our system and will be available for download for 6 months. There is no point in storing them longer, because your website statistics are changing, Google is changing, Google’s users are changing, the interests of the audience are changing, and the capabilities of Buddler are changing, which means that the next versions will be even more interesting and wider in functionality.
  • For each site you can run an audit at any time and an unlimited number of times, but not more than once a day. This limitation is purely practical, since the content of the audit will not change during the day. But if we realize that you are overusing the launches, we may introduce some restrictions in the future.
  • You will receive a preview audit with Traffic Opportunity Metrics for free when your site audits are ready, even if you have 100 sites, to assess how interested you are in the content of the audits before purchasing. The only limitation is the size of the sites. А small amount of data will not give statistically significant samples and reliable results, but for large sites we use significant capacity in the preparation of audits and therefore we offer an enterprise option with selected features, rates and solutions for individual tasks.
  • Unpaid previews are stored in the audit history and are available to you for 60 days. You can open the preview as many times as you like, and purchase it within 60 days after the audit is ready. However, we recommend that you buy the latest audits, as they contain the most up-to-date data.
  • Once an audit is purchased, the data in the audit will not change. Launching next audits will not affect the data and cost of the audit (unless there was a special offer in effect and it was previously possible to buy an audit cheaper). If we change the calculation of any metrics or data, we will not update the finished audits and there may be missing data due to the new version.
  • You can request one free audit as a demo for your company. To do this, please email at from your corporate email address, send a link to your site, specify the email address registered in the service, and write a few words about your website, concerns and goals behind it, and expectations from the audit.
  • Easter eggs that allow you to get a free audit are hidden on Buddler website and social networks. You can try your luck and search! We would like our audience to read the content that we prepare for them and have an open dialog about what would be interesting, so we leave the easter eggs in the articles about the service.
  • Due to the requirements of payment partners and compliance process we do not accept payments from Russia and Belarus.