Refund Policy version 1.0

Buddler appreciate your choice and support of our Products and Services. As with any purchase, transactions with the Company are subject to rules and conditions.

Buddler do not offer or distribute free trial versions of the Service.

Since the use of our Service by customers does not involve personal, family, household, or any other type of use, other than commercial use (used in business activities), the Law of the Republic of Armenia “On Consumer Protection” does not apply.

General refund conditions:

  1. Since our service is a SaaS product, as a general rule, SaaS products are non-refundable. This is because they are digital products, and due to the nature of the services provided, it is not possible to cancel services that have already been used. 
    Buddler do not refund the money paid for using the Service unless the obligation to refund the money to the Client is established by law.
  2. We understand that each case is unique, so you can send a request for a refund to, but we reserve the right to reject it if we see that you have used the Service, placed an order for a one-time service that has already been transferred for execution or is in the process of execution.
  3. As the Service provided by us follows the “as is” principle, refunds are not provided due to the non-compliance of the service results with your expectations.

General circumstances that do not allow refunds:

  1. 1. The client did not read the product description / user manual before making the purchase, which led to dissatisfaction with the product’s features and / or results. For this reason, customers are strongly recommended to read the product description / user manual before making a final decision to purchase.
  2. The Service does not meet the needs of the Client due to a lack of understanding of the product’s features and capabilities.
  3. Any requests for refunds related to credit card fraud or other unauthorized payments. Buddler recommend that the client contact the card issuer if there are any suspicious or unauthorized payment. As Buddler collaborate with an independent payment platform, it is not possible to track all authorizations for each payment.

Third parties related to transactions:

  1. 1. If the payment was processed by an independent payment platform, you can contact that platform using the feedback form.
  2. You can always contact your bank, from which the payment was made, to resolve financial issues.