We constantly enhance our service, and this roadmap aims to highlight the features we intend to develop and integrate


  • SEO CTR Benchmark Report

    The new report will showcase your site’s Organic Click-Through Rate (CTR) strengths and weaknesses, identifying declining and high-potential keywords.
    With Buddler, you no longer need to manually calculate CTR or engage in complex analytics to predict and formulate viable plans – we’ve done it for you.

  • NEW FREE report “Google update VS SEO results Report

    This report will reveal which keywords and pages experienced a decline or completely stopped bringing traffic to your resource following Google updates in 2023 and 2023.
    The “Google Update vs. SEO Results Report” is designed to assist you in evaluating losses after an update and swiftly developing an effective plan to regain and boost traffic.
    Furthermore, the report serves as a valuable tool for those who believe they were unaffected by the update, ensuring they don’t overlook issues that might hide the failure of specific queries and pages amidst the growth of others.

In Progress

  • “KeyRel” metric update

    Algorithm update for calculating the “KeyRel” metric in the Easy to Rank Keywords Report to ensure a more accurate assessment of whether your content aligns with the high-potential queries.

  • Attempts to accelerate the collection and processing of data during increased load

    Internal efforts to optimize the speed at which completed audits are delivered to users with a large number of ongoing audits.

  • Interface updates to the My Projects section

    Adding the option to sort projects will make it easier for users to navigate when they have five or more resources connected to their GSC account.

  • Creating a Buddler Career Section

    Would you like to become a part of our small but awesome team?
    We are searching for specialists in various industries, including SEO experts. Keep an eye out for open positions and be sure to apply. We are warm, friendly, and energetic! Become a member of the Buddler team ✨


  • Adding additional languages for website content analysis in the Easy to Rank Keywords Report

    This report now analyzes websites that are not just in English. Ten more languages are now supported: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
    Now, you can get cool insights from Buddler on more of your sites.

  • Launch of comprehensive audit separately by country

    Now, you can run an audit not only based on GSC data for the entire site but also separately for any country that, according to GSC data, brings your site at least 5,000 clicks per year.
    We are adding this feature at the request of users with multi-regional sites and wish you to achieve great results in local SEO ❤️

  • Traffic Attrition Reports

    — High-volume declined keywords
    — Lost keywords
    — Unstable keywords

  • Easy to Rank Keywords Report

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