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Optimizing for Change: November 2023 Google Update Insights

In 2023, Google underwent nine updates to its search ranking systems: four main algorithm updates (March, August, October, and November), three review ranking system updates, an update to the system determining content usefulness, and a spam detection system update. 

The November 2023 Core Update, highlighted in this blog, stands out as a key moment in Google’s ongoing algorithmic evolution, significantly impacting search results. 

Understanding Google Core Updates

The search algorithm has undergone significant changes due to Google’s Core Updates.  These updates occur 13 times a day, totaling 4745 updates per year. Despite this frequency, the November core update holds particular significance. This update deserves special attention due to its potential impact on search rankings and user experiences, reflecting Google’s ongoing commitment to refining algorithms and improving search results quality. 

The final two updates proved rigorous and prolonged, with the October Core Update coinciding with an anti-spam update and the November update overlapping with the third Reviews Update. Additionally, Google announced it would no longer provide updates on its review ranking system, making the November update the last one announced. It spanned 29 days, marking the longest duration in the history of Reviews Updates.

Revealing the Objectives Behind the Core Updates

Google’s Updates primarily focus on improving the search algorithm to give people the best and most relevant search results. These changes particularly target link spam and fraud to preserve a fair ranking system. Adhering to Google’s content quality guidelines, encapsulated in E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), remains crucial for website owners navigating the dynamic search landscape.

Impacts of Core Updates on Website Rankings

Core Updates wield the power to induce fluctuations in website rankings, with some experiencing increased visibility and others witnessing a decline. Contributing factors include subpar content quality, a lackluster user experience, credibility issues, and insufficient mobile-friendliness. Websites employing manipulative tactics may also face reduced visibility due to concurrent spam updates.

This table outlines key distinctions between Google Updates, which are more frequent and targeted, and Core Updates, which are substantial and profoundly impact the overall search algorithm. Adapting to both types of updates is crucial for maintaining and improving website rankings in the dynamic landscape of search engine optimization.

AspectGoogle UpdatesCore Updates
FrequencyFrequent, occurring multiple times throughout the year Less frequent, major updates happening a few times per year
Scope of ChangesSmaller, addressing specific issues or features Seismic, fundamentally altering how Google assesses and ranks websites
PurposeAddress specific aspects like spam, mobile-friendliness, etc. Refine the overall search algorithm for improved relevance and user experience
ExamplesPanda, Penguin, Hummingbird Medic Update, BERT, November 2023 Core Update
Impact on RankingsCan lead to fluctuations, especially for specific niches Induces significant fluctuations, impacting a broad range of websites

Decoding the Significance of the November 2023 Core Update

The November 2023 Core Update was a significant turning point, which strongly emphasized promoting excellent content and actively improving search results. Expanding on earlier versions, this major core update gives users access to informative and authoritative content a higher priority than content created purely for search engine optimization.

NameGoogle November 2023 Broad Core Update
LaunchedNovember 2, 2023, around 3 pm ET
RolloutFinished on November 28, 2023, around 11:30 am ET
TargetsAll types of content
PenaltyNot a penalty; promotes or rewards great web pages
GlobalA global update impacting all regions, in all languages
ImpactNo specific percentage disclosed; typical core update impact
DiscoverCore updates impact Google Discover and other features
RecoverAffected websites should review and improve content
RefreshesPeriodic algorithm refreshes; may not communicate updates

Reactions of the SEO community

The user reactions to the Google November 2023 Core Update were a mixed bag, reflecting the dynamic nature of search engine optimization (SEO) changes. 

Webmasters and SEO professionals engaged in lively discussions on platforms like WebmasterWorld and X, expressing concerns, observations, and experiences. 

Here is what Neil Patel, the co-founder of Crazy Egg, wrote on X. “With the next core update, will your traffic go up or down or stay flat? Who knows, but if you optimize your site to create the best experience for end users and go above and beyond to delight users with your product/service… in the long run your rankings should improve”.

Tech journalist Barry Schwartz represented the volatility stats over the month for the Google November 2023 core update.

Some users reported significant drops in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), prompting inquiries about the nature of the update and whether it signaled a new normal in SEO fluctuations. Others highlighted the frequency of recent core updates and algorithm changes, expressing frustration with the rapid pace of adjustments. 

The uncertainty about the update’s impact on rankings and traffic led to a range of emotions, from hopeful anticipation to worries about potential long-term consequences. 

Amidst the frustrations, some users reported positive outcomes, such as increased traffic, while others lamented the apparent prioritization of less authentic content in search results. 

The conversations also touched on the anticipation of future updates and webmasters’ ongoing challenges in adapting to evolving algorithms. 


Mastering the latest Core Update from Google requires a nuanced understanding of its intricacies, continual monitoring of its impact on search rankings, and effective adaptation of SEO strategies. Businesses can secure sustained visibility and relevance by prioritizing high-quality content and more accurate and cautious optimization, cultivating a diverse backlink profile, enhancing user experience, focusing on core web vitals, and adapting to search intent.

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